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Thread: 850/900 hp

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    850/900 hp

    I am at the design stage of building a new engine for the Daytona.
    What would your build consist of. Money is an issue but do want good parts but not overkill. I will assemble the engine myself after all of the machining is done by a local shop I have used for over 20 years. I have built performance engines for 35 years.
    It will be natural aspirated, roller cam, tunnel ram? F.A.S.T.
    electronic fuel injection.
    What cubes - 598 or 632?
    Plan on using a tall deck block.
    I have dry exhaust so cam overlap is not an issue.
    Would you do the firing order swap?

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    So you're not worried about reversion, correct? No chance of it at all, ever?

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    Hard to get reversion when your exhaust is dry to the tips of the two foot tails.

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    I would go to there are alot of motors on there way over 1000hp good luck. buy it drop it in pull the rope.



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