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    by Published on 05-29-2016 05:42 PM     Number of Views: 145 

    Normally I would be posting pics of boats and babes, but not this weekend. This weekend its all about remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can do the things we love to do, one of them being boating. Its also about showing our support for those who unselfishly and heroically protect us abroad and even on US soil.

    I actually started doing what I normally do on busy weekends, taking pics of people and boats. But I noticed something a little different this year vs years past, the flags. The flags were out this weekend like I've never seen them before. So unless your boat, body or house is attached to a flag, I did not take a pic of it this year

    Enjoy and thank you again to the brave men and women who fight for us. May God bless you and your families.

    by Published on 03-12-2016 06:09 PM
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    Great day hanging out with my Dad. I love hanging out with my parents, but today it was just me and Dad. Loved it and ...
    by Published on 02-08-2016 07:30 PM   
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    The 8th Annual Needles Custom Car and Boat show will be held February 26 and 27th at Jack Smith Park in Needles, Ca. Taco ...
    by Published on 05-20-2013 06:42 AM
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    Hotboat.com had the opportunity to spend some time with a few of the boat manutacturers at the inaugural 2013 Boating Demo ...
    by Published on 04-15-2013 09:48 AM  Number of Views: 1718 
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    “A New Meaning to Rock Bottom”

    The 1974 18' Rapidcraft dubbed “Rock Bottom” is co-owned by both rock_bottom ...
    by Published on 03-30-2013 12:59 PM  Number of Views: 1359 

    Back in the day, Sundance Saloon was the “hot spot” on theParker Strip. Sundance preceded most ofthe bars on ...

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