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    The Lobster Trap - Catalina

    Absolutely one of my favorite restaurants/bars anywhere hands down. Been pretty much a regular here for around 9yrs now. Kind of sad to see her go but also looking forward to the new Lobster Trap coming in February. So many memories at this place. Met so many friends. Spent so much money lol. The Trap shut down November 15th and I just happened to be there. Planning on being there Feb 15th when they reopen. Caleb and company are not messing around. I walked past the Trap last night around 830 and they were in there ripping and tearing. I've heard a few people say he wont make his date, but knowing Caleb come hell or high water he will make his date.

    If you've never been to the Trap, do yourself a favor and plan a trip. Not only is the food delicious the vibe and people to me is what makes the Trap the Trap.

    Cheers to a successful remodel and reopening. I'll post updates on this thread as they come along.
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