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    Havasu May 6, 2023

    Finally got to take the boat out last Saturday. Launched at Cattail. I like launching there because I get to drive my boat all that much more. Why trailer to town when you can boat? The weather was almost perfect and the water was up. I've had this boat for three years now and I still can't believe how well she handles. I had 4 people in the boat with my tall props and she still rolled over pretty good. Of course it was cool and the water was cold. That helps.

    Pirates was actually pretty quiet. Tons of people in the channel but at the restaurant not so much. Didn't bother us.

    The other thing about this boat is how good it is on fuel. I dont have exact numbers but she burned around 30 gallons. Which is not bad at all for twin 565's. I think this thing does better than outboards. Not that I care lol.

    There may be a pic or two of Parker. Of course I had to run the river on Friday.

    Can't wait for the next trip. Summer is officially here
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    That's BADASS .

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    Beautiful boat....

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    Quote Originally Posted by framer1 View Post
    Beautiful boat....
    Thanks buddy. Let me know when you want a ride.

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    Does look nice


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    I might have photos of this boat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheeler View Post
    I might have photos of this boat.
    Well lets see them lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by HB Vic View Post
    Well lets see them lol
    I was just looking for them. I'll go through more pix later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HB Vic View Post
    Well lets see them lol
    can't seem to get the pix from today to upload. The boat looks good though.



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