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    2021 Outlaw Nationals @ Sundance in Parker, Az

    Always a great event to attend and snap photo's. Didnt make it to the show and shine but I did make it on Saturday. Great turn out of spectators and boats alike. Always good to run in to old friends and definitely a good time watching some pretty awesome boats make some runs. The announcer this year was classic. He called Flats, Fiats and could not stop with comments on what a BBC was lol. I think at one point he announced someone's boat had a top speed of 185 lol. Great entertainment for sure.

    I have a ton of photo's to process. And I'm busy af right now, so thats gonna take some time. Here's a few to get you all started. Can't wait for next year!!
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    Here are a few more. I processed a lot but dont have time right now to post. Plus the internet sucks in Catalina.

    Had a friend tell me Riverdouche made a comment about me on his shitshow of a site. Honestly dont give a fuck how this is working for me or not. I do this because I love to do it. Not because I need to buy more coors light and chinese food you fat fuck lol.

    Anyway, enough of that.
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