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    antique fork lift starter replacement

    I have a 1959 Hyster forklift (3 wheeler) that I use in my little wood shop. 3 years ago it needed a starter. There seemed to be no way to get at it, however we did have a small pit (my building use to be a car wash) I was able to drag it to the pit with the powerstroke, and do it from underneath. The pit has since been filled with concrete. It was still a turd from the pit. Well the starter quit again yesterday. Anybody skilled in some way to get at it from the top? Thanks, Don

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    Do you have any pics?

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    I can get some tomorrow. I took off about a dozen pieces of sheetmal that make sort of a jig saw puzzle so far. Even had to remove the spark plugs as they hold two pieces in. I have it down to the fan shroud which appears to have two bolts under the fan, which is more of a turbine as this is a wisconsin air cooled motor. Seems rather peculiar to have to remove the pulleys, belts and turbine to get this shroud off. I thought perhaps I could see them through the back tire hole , so removed the exhaust pipe and this big heavy half round shield in front of back tire. No luck. I also drilled a big hole in the top of the shroud to see if I could see the bolts, but it has an inner sheet metal contoured to the turbine. The shroud appears to be two pieces so I believe somehow it comes out.

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    got it fixed, never got to the starter, but underneath the starter cable had wore through and welded itself to the frame.



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