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    CHAZZ handles/bridles

    I'm just throwing this out there see what kind of interest there would be. I have a possibility of resurrecting and making the Chazz bridal/harness. I spoke with the late great Charlie Saunders R.I.P. sister and she is giving me the full blessings and permission to move forward and was really joyful about carrying on his name and his legendary product. If this works out it will be custom order with multiple colors available on material availability. Prices may vary if there's enough interest

    Thanks All

    if you'd like to talk to me about it shoot me a PM and I will shoot you back my phone number

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    This is my set of handles which I'm getting ready to give a complete total face-lift on they're close to 20 years old. When I get this project off the ground there will be multiple choice colors on the side panels and the strapping as well

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    Okay those look strange?

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