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    Help on a flattie MFG. RXB Boats

    I have an opportunity to purchase a complete vdrive boat minus engine but i dont know much about the Mfg, RXB Boats, other than where it was mfg and who owned the business, etc. The basic coast guard info.
    Does anyone know about these boats that were manufactured in Southern California in the 1980s? Are they any good? What was the hull a copy of? Are the worth anything? The boat has nice paint, tandem axle trailer, casale 10 degree, a hardware, new seats, etc. Complete minus motor basically. Whats she worth minus motor?


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    Welcome to Do you have any pics you can post? I personally have never heard of them, but there are a few guys here who are like walking boat encyclopedias who may know something. I'll give the a bit to respond before I send them a note.

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    Paging the Millers, paging AHOLE HICK, Paging SharpShooter, Paging BillyB, Paging JoMama, Paging Chris I......... Please pick up the red phone...

    JIMP, can you post up what other details you DO know? Any low view pics of the transom/bottom/back end would be helpful if nobody knows the MFG they can at least tell you what kind of bottom design it appears to be which means ALOT....

    And welcome aboard...
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    Like how he post whats my boat wourth no pics then never replys back.............



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