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    amazing job guys, absolutely beautiful work and the one of the main reasons I come to this sight. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. I look forward to seeing it at a race or show soon. When will it be out to it's next event?

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    Do you guys just work on your personal boats?

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    These boys barely have time to do their own stuff.
    The best things in life aren't things!

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    Well from what i have seen what they can do. I need some work done on my boat and since they know there way around a circle boat. Figured it wouldnt hurt to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creepingcharlie View Post
    Well from what i have seen what they can do. I need some work done on my boat and since they know there way around a circle boat. Figured it wouldnt hurt to ask.
    I know, right? They are some handy guys. They are so busy all the time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
    It ran pretty good yesterday.

    It's amazing how strong you guys are. Most of us need horsepower to get this much air.

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    This is how we get our boats out of the water:

    Cuz everyone knows, iron headed, pump gas 350s can't hop out of the water.
    As for other projects. You can contact us and we can give you lots of advice and set-up information. That, we can do. However, we can't do anyone else's work right now. Just too busy and too many projects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2manymustangs View Post
    Can I get that with Grich's autograph on the write up?

    ANY opinions you want to share on the cam/event timing/lsa and/OR bottom end clearances/dimensions are valued input... I learn by watching/listening...

    To be honest this cam would not work well for most engines. The exhaust is smaller than the intake duration and the LCA is not as tight as you would think. If I remember correctly it is on a 108 and I think we put the intake at 108 or so. We tried advancing it on the dyno, and it did not like it. Also, this is a hydraulic roller with a non aggressive profile. We talked about going solid roller and going crazy with the profile, but we did not want to have to set valves all the time on this thing and so we went conservative. The cam would have been a little more standard if the idiot porting the heads knew what he was doing. I just smoothed some things out and tried to keep things nice and even. I gave the flow numbers to the cam guy (Chris) and this is what he sent me. The strut angle is somewhere between 7.5* and 8* and the back of the strut is a little further back from where the last boat was based off of what we learned on it. We did not do anything super crazy with the rudder either on this one. I can't remember if the front of the turn fins were 94 or 95 inches, but they are around there. We were conservative with the rocker and I think the plates are right about 7" right now. Engine placement is close to 34 or 35 inches and I think the v-drive is around 97 inches. If you need more info than that I guess I will have to look at notes instead of going off the top of my head. LOL

    It is funny, I did not know about this post or the link Buzzz put up until today. I forgot I was even a member over here. Learn something new all the time.

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    i forgot also..............



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