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    Now.... I need to cc them and see exactly where they are....
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    Met a guy yesterday, and after alot of talking we worked out s deal for a set up almost exactly like this!
    Dual Predators, on a tunnel ram! Don't have an actual pic yet, until he get's back homemade to FL, but this is very close!
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    Now, waiting on my custom can profile/ kit sugestion from Howards Cams. ....
    Stay tuned..... alot more to come!

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    Now, waiting on my custom can profile/ kit sugestion from Howards Cams. ....
    Stay tuned..... alot more to come!

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    HOLY CRAPIOCA, buffing is hard work!! This crap takes forever!
    Took me 4-5 hours to get one valve cover done, and it still needs a few more fine cut buffs, with the Tripoli ruge to really shine, but good Lord, my arms are whooped!!!! LOL!
    My much better half thinks I'm crazy, but it's a labor of love!!
    Probably wouldn't be as hard if the covers weren't so ruff from the sand cast!
    Anyhow... here's a couple pix....
    Back to the garage now.....
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    Well, got both valve covers polished! Bought a new air angle polisher and coarse, medium, and fine scotch pads- DEFFINATELY made the job easier!!! I may do the tops again, to erase any little pits/ scratches left, but the shine is there, now! Big improvement!
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    Looks like it's coming together nicely

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    Wow, like deja vu all over again....I too had a 78 Sonic which I sold to a guy up that way. Sadly, he came to a tragic end, not boat related. The boats have an interesting history. They were. (so the story goes), used by the Coast Guard in south Florida as interceptors. In fact, when I owned it, (I suspect it's the same boat), it was a pale blue to the water line with a white deck. The bottom of the hull was just black gelcoat, like yours. It had a small chip on the dash, which revealed a "Coast Guard" orange underneath. I suspect, it was an orange stripe like the Coast Guard used. I owned several jets over the years, and that one is the only one I wished I had kept. Kind of a gull wing design, the ride was exceptional. I'll try to find an old pic of it and post if I can. I'm in Acworth, Ga, and if I can help you in any way please let me know.

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    Hello, any updates on this project?
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