Have to sell my toys due to medical reasons unfortunately. I have reduced the price on my 44' Pace enclosed trailer. Features piano hinged double side doors, grey/black marble laminate flooring, generator, custom factory cabinets, stainless steel workbench counter, pneumatic plumbed throughout, ac/dc lighting interior, 2 quartz exterior lights, canopy, triple axle w/ good tires, beavertail rear door w/ piano hinged extension, fully insulated top and sides, cold Carrier A/C and heat with floating vents to circulate air and much more. Trailer is nice and in good condition with no dents or damage. Gooseneck hitch with extension for short bed trucks and a 5th wheel hitch adapter. Email boat770@tx.rr.com or Call 903 714-8754 with questions or for additional information. If you need a tow vehicle I have a 2012 Ford F-350 also. Name:  IMG_0223.jpg
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