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    we went out OFB outdoors for a look

    long and short we ran the boat for the first time sense i was injured 8 months ago. not to mention a car crash that isnt helping the injuries. any ways, enough of that.

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    We ran out of Dana with a bit of a late start, traffic blows. got on the water and something wasn't adjusted correct in the outboard but forward worked, we said screw it lets go.
    nice 1/2 scoop of great size bait and head out and to the 209 found 66.5 water most of the way to the 267 then as we headed down water cooled fast 64.2 to 65.1. found some untouched paddies no one home, over shot the 209 looking for a pocket for nothing water had more green to it. about a mile south of the 209 we found a barn door saw a flash and 3rd bait hits the water, i hear i am bit. 22 mins later the 30lbs yellowtail comes to gaff. we watch 4 other 15 lbers chase her up after that nothing would eat. started the look back up the line and found some paddies but they where dry.

    saw a dead seal up between Laguna and the 14 mile bank looked like it got hit. was shocked no sharks chewed on it. all in all great day and got to shack the boat down for the shootout.

    Tight lines and by the way its a parking lot out there. we counted 14 boats on the 209!
    Fishing, Hunting & Outdoors its part of life!

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    Wow thats awesome. I'm dying to fish. Haven't been out in at least two years.

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    Nice catch! That will be some good eating tonight!
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    yummy fish right there, the fishing is hot grab a 6 pack boat for the money or the good old cattle boats.

    fishing is getting to be epic!
    Fishing, Hunting & Outdoors its part of life!



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