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    So plates are cut, I cleaned up the garage and decided to move on to cleaning the headers up and painting them

    Cleaned them with an angle grinder and a wire wheel

    Then shot a coat of vht flat black header paint.

    I do not expect the paint to last forever. But I'm hoping until I get a stainless set off headers built

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    And finally, I learned that the radio shack by my girlfriend's house is going out off business. And as such everything is 80-90 percent off

    I ended up with all of these solderless connectors for a little less than 20.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotboat View Post
    That's pretty cool. I'm thinking a plastic tent like enclosure would save a ton of work, then again maybe not.

    So glad we have a blast cleaner here at work
    Yeah... Or even a wood box with a plexi glass window.. Or maybe one of those blast cabinets. BUUT im cheap lol

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    Picked up a bandsaw. if you dont have one. I have to say this is the greatest tool ive ever bought...

    got it for 150 off craigslist. It looks practically brand new, came with 4 new in the package blades. Even the "electronic measurement" works

    Now that i have a bandsaw i could clean up the rear mount and start on the rest of my rail kit

    Attempted the router on the edges. Im not really happy with the way it came out

    After a lot of trial and error, i found that my "truck" oil pan is way to deep for the boat. Its not even close to lining up

    Here you can see where i cut that rear mount and used a different set of holes just to keep the pan off the bottom

    The motor is sitting on the pan, on the bottom of the boat here. Im still about 3 inches away

    BUT the rails did get cut and installed. So atleast made some progress

    Oh and i got my C bowl cleaned up and painted

    [img width=432 height=768][/img]

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    Not a lot of progress. Been very busy lately. And been working on the Bahner since the season is here and it need some work to get ready... (drive is off as we speak)

    But i did win an oil pan on eBay it should be here today : :

    So that means i can start making mounts again...... > > > Hopefully i dont screw up this aluminum too... Thinking about making templates first this time

    Last night, i figured i would finish making my MSD mount. I had the great idea to mount it to the head. Easy to get to, out of way of water, etc. But im just not sold on it.

    I think it makes the damn MSD look bigger than the engine. Im 99% sure im shit canning the mount and going with the transom like this

    And finally, i dropped my Impeller off with Chris at B1 a while back. Its done. After talking to him and talking about where this thing will make power, we decided to try a B- cut and go from there. He also detailed it for me

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    Yeah, the MSD will go on the transom along with a fuel water seperator, and the fuel pump.

    Made some what i consider to be major progress this weekend. The Rail kit is in, and the mounts are made! O0 O0 > > : :

    I learned that i need to try and heat and bend the headers up a little more. As it is right now they clear the transom but are a little close for my comfort

    Front plates, i had purchased some bitchin billet motor plates online hoping they would work. Unfortunately they were about 1.5" to short in the front so i had to make these. Not CNC'd or Plasma cut but i think i did well

    This rear plate works, and i'm just being picky. But im going to re-make it to give me just a tad more clearance under the oil pan.

    Its so small...

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    I re-did the Bilge again. This time i am much happier with how it came out.

    I also spent some time with the buffer and polished most of the rail kit. I did the two angle sections that the engine will sit on.

    And one of the two motor mounts. Going to finish this up shortly

    Rough sanded with the DA and 120 grit to get all the scratches/ cutting marks off, What I dont have pictures of is the sanding after this, the 220, 320, 400, 600 wet, 800 wet, 1000 wet stages. I cheated and used a palm 1/4 sheet sander. Even for the Wet stages

    Hard to see in this pic, but they came out pretty damn close to mirror finish

    And one of the two motor plates
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