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    Another new build by Interceptor Custom Boats

    Just wanted to share another exciting build were doing for a customer. This is our new twin helm deck boat, it will have two buckets and a rear bench. Customer chose the Mercury Racing 520 package and a bunch of other cool options. We pulled it out of the mold on Saturday ond Monday we will start assembly so the deck is just sitting on the bottom in the photos.

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    Chris are these two different boats or does it fade that dark toward the stern? Looks amazing to me. Interested to hear the numbers with the 520, heard a lot of positive reports on that engine package.

    Nice work!!

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    Same boat just toward the front it starts to curve inward right where the fade is, so it has that effect. We ran the one we have in stock with the 520 and we got 74 on gps at Elsinore, I think we would see a couple more mph in Havasu or Parker with a little chop.

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    good looking boat cant wait to see when its done

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    how are the new builds coming along??

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    Builds are coming along great, just a lot going on so havnt had much time to update.

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    Here are some photos of whats been happening.

    Capping the front and rear of the boat

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    Engine bay flow coat

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    Rigging has begun

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    Looks really good Chris. Love the flake in the gel and the purple 520

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotboat View Post
    Looks really good Chris. Love the flake in the gel and the purple 520
    Thanks Vic

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    very nice



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