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    AquaCraft Motley Crew RC Boat

    RC Motley Crew by Aquacraft -(chino) 951 634 3200

    I am selling my Motley Crew RC boat. I built it with the idea that I would use it at the River. It has seen the water about 5 to 6 times. Nothing is stock on this boat! and it hauls ass. If you are into F.E. boats, then you will see what equipment is in here and know what I'm talking about. Along with the money spent to make it.

    Boat SPECS:

    Tactic RX/TX (water proofed)
    Custom motor mount
    TP 4050 1,160KV motor
    Fighter-Cat 240A 2s-8s ESC (w/prog. USB and water proofed)
    6mm batt. bullets
    8mm ESC to motor bullets
    3/16" hardened flex shaft
    2 water pickups
    2 water exits
    Large diameter tubing
    Hull is "foamed" (two-part, in the front and sides)
    Flotation buoy if boat ever sunk, the buoy would float up and you would get the boat back.
    Botton is "scuffed" for better handling.
    Front air dam, to reduce chance of "blow-over"
    Prop in the picture not included. But will come with 2 stock Aquacraft plastic props.
    Various extra spare parts also included.

    Most equipment came from Fighter-Cat Racing. The boat was made and cared for perfectly. I run it on 8s, it runs cool and FAST......This R/C is a blast to drive and you Will be faster then your friends boat...
    There is 1 light stress crack in the plastic on the left side of the boat, due to a blow over at speed. (you can see it in the pic.) It in no way shape or form effects the boat in any way. This boat is crazy fast on 8s. This is not a boat for a kid running those batts, but you can run a set of 2s and anyone can use it.
    I hate to sell it but I never used it like I thought I would. It is perfect for use at the River after you put away your real boat for the day or take it to the sand bar and have some fun.

    The boat alone cost me over way $700 to build, and a lot of time.

    I will sell the boat alone for $450

    I also have the complete set-up for the boat. Every thing you need to go out and run the bad boy. (RTR) I would like to sell it all at the same time if I could. And I really don't want to ship all this shit, something will get damaged. But I will sell EVERYTHING you see in this post for $850. It all cost me around $1,550 to $1,650 to buy all this new. (and that's a good honest estimate)

    Here is the rest of the stuff:

    Venom 2/10 Dual Charger. New $110 Selling for:$75
    HP Powersupply 12v/47amp Made by FeatherPower. New $80 Selling for:$50
    2x Gensace 4s1p 5300mah Lipo batts. New $130 each Selling for:$55 each
    2x (Mixed) 3s1p (1) Genace 5300mah (1) Venom 5000mah Selling for:$35each


    Octura X642 Professionally sharpened and balanced. Selling for $30
    GrimRacer 42x55 Sharp/balance. Selling for $30
    Octura M45 Sharp/balanced. Selling for $30
    Pranther B220 x2 Not Sharp/balanced. Selling for $10 each
    There is also another good prop currently on the boat that is Sharp/balanced. But I forget what it is. Selling for $30

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That thing is pretty cool

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    On 8s (batts) you will be hard pressed to find a faster boat on the lake. This thing is fun as hell, I just don't use it.

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    still for sale



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