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    Carrera Refurbishment

    We have a new project @Eliminator. Customer's 28' Carrera in for complete make-over; interior, exterior, hardware and audio.

    He's trying to make his decision between two renderings we've prepared.

    What say you?

    He's given feedback on both already which we are tweaking somewhat, but the basic lines remain.


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    The tear-down continues...pretty good shape underneath...

    Vinyl waiting it's makeover...

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    I like "A" better. Just not sure about the white

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBS View Post
    I like "A" better. Just not sure about the white
    I agree....less is better these days

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    Option A. But trade the white for the dark charcoal from option B

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    Or swap the white for the light silver. The silver base with the white graphic makes the white stick out like a sore thumb. But a white base would make the whole graphic scheme pop

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    I'd go with B on the gel.



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