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    Interceptor 27 build

    We just wanted to share another exciting build we are doing. This is a one off that we built from the Ultra 27 Shadow mold and it will carry the Interceptor name. We have designed a new entry from the bow of the boat and made it a deck style open bow with a full walk through. We have also made subtle interior changes to give it more of a cockpit style feeling by widening it six inches and relocating the throttle controls into the gunwale of the boat. The new owners of this boat will be doing a lot of cool electronics including massive stereo system, LED rope lighting throughout and a TV for their young ones. This boat will be powered by a Mercury Racing 525 with a Bravo one HD XR Drive. We are excited how it has turned out so far so we hope you enjoy the thread.

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    Can't wait to see what the interior is going to look like.

    Coming along nicely.

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    Customer wants it to be mostly white with a little bit of gray but i will post some pics of the wood work tomorow.

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    Here are some photos of the interior wood work being done

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    Coming along nicely Chris. What do you think it will do with a 525?

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    Im thinking 78-80 mph, I have spoke to other people who say 81-82 mph but we have added some weight with the bow design. We will find out in a few weeks though, we are prepping the motor and drive right now for install.

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    Here are a couple pics of the motor

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    Carpet and interior being installed, customer is installing his own stereo tomorrow and we will be wraping her up.

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    Looks beautiful Chris, nice work. Please post up the finals photos when you can.

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    We are in the final stretch, we are now completing the customers stereo and LED rope lighting installation. Next we will be adding two TVs under the dash for his kids.

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    The sub bozes are being glassed into the side panels and all the joints are being reinforced. We also resin coated the enclosure to protect the wood from the elements. Led lighting has been added to the upper trim panels, which have been recessed to help hide the LED strip.



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