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    Pre-season maintenance

    Well my pocket book is a little lighter today lol.

    Our Playcraft was acting up a few weeks back when GH took it for a spin. So I had Tim with Dirtydeeks in Parker Az. pick it up and check it out. The boat was due for service anyway but the running rough deal just made me do it all the sooner. Turns out plugs in the 496's don't last too long. The boat only has around 100hrs on it.

    Other than that he did a full service, all the fluids, etc. He wanted to do a detail, but no need for that as the boat's gonna sit for who knows how long until we actually have some time to take it out.

    But it is good to know it's ready whenever we are. And what better reason to make an excuse for an emergency river trip.

    When are you getting your boat ready for the season?


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    Mine will need an oil change and an o-ring on the nozzle. And gas. Hopefully that's it.

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    Dropping it off at WOT Marine on the 24th. Hoping to get KMG to touch up the painted rub rail and fix a couple gel dings the week before as well.



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