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    Hotboat of the month is coming back

    Right now we plan on bringing the contest back starting March. We're going to make some changes to the rules, but for the most part it will be the same contest. There will be no size limit as far as the boats are concerned. And there will be minimum post counts to protect the legitimate contributors to the site from the folks who are only looking to win a free cooler. Post content will also be a factor. So those of you who signed up and made 25 meaningless posts, just so you can vote, will be DQ'd. Yes, meaningless chatter between two contestants, or anyone for that matter, for the sole purpose of entering the contest will get you or your votes disqualified.

    The purpose of the contest is two-fold: 1. To show off your beautiful Hotboat and get a chance at a free Hotboat embroidered AO cooler, and 2. To bring more meaningful content to the site. Yes, we want something from you in return for that cool AO Cooler. So please do not be surprised if you get DQ'd for posting 25 random posts that say HI, or post #1, 2, 3 etc. That won't fly this time. So please do not enter if that's your plan.

    Once the new rules are complete, they will be posted each month as a reminder so there are no hurt feelings and everyone has a fair shake at winning.

    In addition to the cooler, we're planning on adding a few goodies to the bag. Hopefully this will bring you sandbaggers out of the woodwork so we can see your Hotboat

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    Glad to see its coming back! 😃
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    Wow that is awesome!!!

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    Time to increase the post count

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    Awesome. I will be posting my baby. Been waiting to enter her.

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    Thats is very good to hear Vic.... will be nice to SEE some nice boats on a BOATING site..... again....
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    Bump the rules thread.

    Thanks again for entering.




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