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    Random GotHalos Photography

    Thought I would share random shots I have amassed on my camera. I will try and update the thread as time permits.

    I am still completely new to the game and half the time have no idea what I am doing. If you have any tips/tricks/help please do share. I always enjoy looking at night photography so I've been experimenting with that lately.

    Name:  crystal cove camping 069.jpg
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    Name:  crystal cove camping 070.jpg
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    Name:  crystal cove camping 086.jpg
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    Name:  crystal cove camping 087.jpg
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    Name:  crystal cove camping 088.jpg
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    Name:  crystal cove camping 092.jpg
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    Name:  _DSC0008.jpg
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    Nice pix Ron!

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    Great pics Ron! Thanks for sharing!

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    Nice pictures!

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    Need more random shots, Ron alway look forward to what you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanetAlvarez View Post
    I like your photos, which camera are you using? Do you have special settings for night shooting?
    He hasn’t been here since 2014. Probably never will again. Sorry.

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