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    Jacuzzi Golden Eagle to Berkeley Swap

    The Jacuzzi YJ Golden Eagle is similar in design and installation method to what is termed an insert jet such as a Berkley 12 JE or Dominator 12TD (in terms of positioning and mounting ) this style of Jet were "set back" by design and they permitted or allowed the engines to be set back in the hulls as well. This type "jet set back" made for more cockpit room (one advantage alone) and simplicity of production installation , however most insert jets like these did not offer quite the performance as their standard position brothers like the Aggressor 13000, Berkeley 12 series Or Dominator 12s jets . The Jacuzzi Golden Eagle like its brother the Jacuzzi YJ is an Axial flow jet vs the Berkeley12je and Dominator12td which were both Mixed flow jets. Axial flow Jets have their place in life and can provide bigger heavier boats such as day cruisers with low speed lift and strong pulling however Axials don't seem to respond in the higher rpm and increased power ranges as well as the mixed flows to the HP and performance demands most folks nowdays want or desire . This Thread is to show our "Swap out" of a Jacuzzi YJ Golden Eagle for an intentionally set back Berkeley 12J custom built jet , The swap will include a custom machined Berkeley intake set up for a ride plate and shoe and a Blueprinted jet built by my son Josh to match the 600 + Hp Big Block Ford the owner installed last year ..

    First out comes the Jacuzzi ... then the Sawzall ...

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