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    Kyle Bement 550 - Contribution Fund

    As many of you know the race boating family lost a great friend this past weekend at the Thanksgiving Regatta. Kyle left behind his wife Tiffany and three children. A Fundanything account has been set up to help with upcoming expenses. If you can help donate any amount please click the link below. Please feel free to pass this along.

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    I'm not going to pester you to all to donate, but if you are even remotely considering it, please take a couple of minutes and send whatever you can spare.

    Unfortunately I was there to witness the crash, and I have to tell you, its a sickening feeling to watch a life pass. You could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet. I think a lot of people knew it wasn't good, but like me, we all hoped for the best.

    I never met Kyle, but from what I've been told he was a good guy who loved the sport. If he was anything like the people we've met who are either racers or part of the teams, he had to be a great guy.

    Racers don't race for the money. Most of the time I don't even think they care about the trophy's. They race because the love the sport and they love their extended race families. And they absolutely love to put on a good show for the rest of us.

    So if you find it in your hearts to donate whatever you can, rest assured it is for a good cause. You will be helping the family of a good man who was taken way before his time.

    I personally thank you in advance.


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    There is one thing I would like to explain/show everyone about the fundanything site. You can donate anonymously by simply checking the box that says "please don't publicly display my name". So if you're worried about not donating enough and your name being displayed, check the box. The point is no amount is too small. There are hundreds of us on this site daily, a little from each means a lot to Kyle's family.

    Thank you!

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    Already miss the 310/562 2manymustangs's Avatar
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    Done, my heart goes out to his young family...

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    I have not checked the other boating sites, please feel free to share this link on any site you think is appropriate. The more people that know about it the better. Thank you!

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    Done- We were there too

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    Over $1200 in less than 2 hours!! Awesome people keep up the good work!!

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    Its at $1405.00 lots of giving.

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    Kyle Bement 550 - Contribution Fund


    Bench race driver of the NHRA 16X Castrol GTX Mustang
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