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Thread: Baja Bug Wiring

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    Baja Bug Wiring

    Almost done with a custom wiring job on a baja bug. Here are a couple of pictures.

    The old dash.
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    All cut out
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    New Livoursi gauges. Race rim, carbon fiber monster gauges. These things are huge.
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    New dash mocked up and gauges installed
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    Pre wired the dash before installing it in the car.
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    If you cant read these gauges you shouldn't be driving. I know those of you that know me personally are wondering if I can see them.

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    The front of the car is done. Just neet to wire the fuse panel and engine. The harness is all covered in wire net, with every connection and splice covered in heat shrink tube. No split loom and electrical tape here. It takes much longer to do it this way and if you forget a wire you have to start all over. It is totally worth it though. This wire harness will out last this car.
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    That is insane! Great job!

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    Love the bottle opener on the dash! 😁
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    Fuse panel is done

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    Tail lights. Turn signals and brake lights. Although not DOT approved they should keep the cops away.

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    More patience than I!



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