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    Turbine wars in Biloxi '09 - JBS Mystic vs. Miss Geico MTI

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    Unbelievable pics!!! Love the seagull shots and the water in the Bahamas. Someday I'll get down there. Thanks for sharing!

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    Nice Jay
    Keep them coming

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    Super !!!

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    Badass pics..:encouragement:

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    Thanks and welcome

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    What camera are you using if you don't mind me asking? Amazing photo skills.

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    Thanks for the nice comments, y'all- always appreciated.

    iBoat- I carry a couple of Nikon D300's- hoping to upgrade next year, but it will always be Nikon.

    Looking back through my files, it's easy to see the changes I've gone through over the last 5 years. I guess experience has a lot to do with that.
    I spend a LOT of time on post-processing.

    I'm comfortable enough now that I can try some things in the helo that I wouldn't have dreamed of even a couple years ago.
    Slowing the shutter speed gives some cool blur effects on the water but it can be very difficult to hold the camera steady at 120 mph with the wind beating the hell out of you.
    The keeper ratio goes WAY down, but the ones that click... do so with a bang.

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    Here's another one- 'dragging the shutter' ...



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