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Thread: 2001 Daytona 26

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    2001 Daytona 26

    I bought this boat and after extensive clean up got it on the water three times this summer. After talking to Bob Leach at Eliminator He tells me the prop shaft should be 1 inch above the lowest part of the back step. I have a -2 inch shorty on it now and am building a -3 shorty for next summer.( Bob told me to stay away from the -4 drive.) This will put mine at 1/2 inch above. The question I have is with a surfacing prop should I still be running a 4 blade Bravo or would a 5 blade Maximus work better OR should I be running a 4 or 5 blade cleaver?
    The last time I had it out I was able to trim back down after the boat was flying without losing speed and RPM. The boat is running a Bravo 28 - 90 MPH at 6000 RPM. The new drive is going to be 1:36 ratio so as to bring the RPM back down ( I plan on going up to 800 / 900 HP also ) but I am over the power band of the cam - I should be running approx.. 5700 RPM

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    -3? Wow that's a lot. Don't think I've heard anyone running a -3 to be honest. Do you know why the x was set like that?



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