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    It's fun watching the progress knowing we don't even have to get our hands dirty or scratch from glass work!
    Good looking work cover too . . .

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    Nice!! Can't wait to see her running! When's the video coming out?

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    boat even looks better in person, your Dad said you were going to try it at Red Rock............

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    thank you to all the people that helped me get here!! i could not of done this without you
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    little vid i made of the first few times in the water

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    Very cool Greg, looks good and nice video. How's she running??

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    That's really nice. Been following this on here and Instagram. What are you powering it with? Sounds great and runs flat. Nice job!

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    Already miss the 310/562 2manymustangs's Avatar
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    Killer!!! I really like the sanitary white with the green...
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    Quote Originally Posted by greg duff View Post
    little vid i made of the first few times in the water

    Nice, Greg!!! When you coming out again!?

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    thank u guys!!!!!!, ill be at the bbshow in feb, need to try props and gear set ups



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