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  1. "Skiers Shine in 65th Annual Catalina Race"

    2 Comments by GotHalos Published on 07-22-2013 04:46 PM

    It was a dark and foggy morning as the boats filed into position just off the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Some 60 boats filled the entry list this year for the running of the 65th annual Catalina Ski Race.

    Dubbed “The World’s Greatest Water Ski Race” competitors come from all over the world to take part in the 62-mile round trip race. Completing the course in and of itself is a feat, yet these athletes choose to do so with unpredictable ocean swells, fishing/spectator boat traffic and the ever so mighty wake of the monster Catalina Express.

    Just a few of the reasons this is one of the worlds toughest water ski races. The waters of the Pacific have been filled with skiers for the past few months training for this once a year race. The Maya hotel was booked to occupancy and spectators lined the rails of the Queen Mary. The anticipation was coming to an end.

    The first flight of boats, 21 feet and under left the harbor around 9 a.m. nearly 15 minutes in front of the 21+ foot boats. Fans gathered at the stern of the famed Queen Mary for a glimpse of the field before taking off into the big blue. After all competitors safely and successfully headed out, the wait was on. Fans waited anxiously for the first sign of a return boat, with skier in tow.

    Just after 10 a.m., the first chopper appeared on the horizon. Shortly after, two boats could be seen, nearly neck and neck coming back into the harbor. Upon closer inspection they were the boats of Martie Wells and Luke Keys. The all red Cyclone was just a nose in front by the time they reached the last turn buoy, and Martie Wells held off Luke.

    Despite being in different classes it was waterski racing at it’s finest. The crowd was screaming and cheering with joy the entire time, a moment words cannot transform. Martie, in the Formula 1 class, was the winner in new record time at Luke also set a new record in the Formula II Outboard class with a time of

    A few minutes later the 43’ Nordic of Todd Haig could be seen making its way back toward the Queen Mary. Todd would win the Open class with a time of, setting another record in this years Catalina race and winning his 11th race in Long Beach.

    In the women’s open Erin De Yager took the win to the tune of a time just edging out Lauryn Eagle by less than 4 seconds.

    More winners in their respective classes include: Jack Harrison in Jr. Boys, Dana Thorsen in Sr. Men, Paul Sharman in Masters and Crystal Gordon in Jr. Girls.

    After all boats, skiers and crew returned safely the party got underway. The boardwalk was lined with food, drinks and local vendors showing their support for all contestants of the world famous race. Overall, the race was truly a blast and if you haven’t witnessed it before mark your calendars for next year. I want to thank all organizers, athletes and volunteers involved in making this race a success.

    For more results and coverage of this years race visit

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    Great write-up Ron!!! Great weekend for sure.

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    Ron, great article. keep up the good work.



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