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    Hotboat of the Month for August 2013 SUBMIT HERE

    Well here's the deal. Honesty is the best policy. But if that doesn't work, we can check to see if anyone cheated. This really is a casual contest. And we would certainly hope everyone would let the members vote. Family, friends, coworkers Are also welcome. But if you're gonna open fake accounts and vote for your boat, well that's just plain lame. If that's how you want to win, we don't want you here. Go cheat somewhere else. NOT saying anyone cheated, but if they did we will find out.

    It's ashame it has to come down to us doing an investigation to determine if anyone's cheated. Good chance this contest will be short lived.

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    Its called family and friends that voted for him and yes I am his nephew 74 Hondo and I can tell you this is a fresh complete build and it has been seen in Parker doing high 130's with hardly no boost! No disrespect to you it was a toss up for my vote I
    Would have voted for the Riviera cause I love kboats but blood is thicker than water and as for phony accounts I don't think so as the family has been racing for 40 years plus so I guess its not the hotboat that wins its who you know.
    And it will be in the water at the regatta parker the 21st September if you would like to see it yourself best of luck to whoever wins cause according to the administrator they are checking accounts and I.P. addresses so may the best man win.

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    Hotboat of the Month for August 2013 SUBMIT HERE

    Inked, sorry your wrong. It's not who you know. Like I said, this is a casual competition. Yes I said casual. If we wanted it to be professional we would have set it up that way. It's human nature to want to win, no matter what. As I've said countless times, please don't cheat. If you do, we will catch you. And you will not win. And you will not be allowed to enter your boat again. We would certainly hope everyone can be good sports about this. This contest was never set up so the end result was drama and discontent. It was set up as a friendly and casual competition. If we can't keep it that way;, we'll end it. It's that simple.

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    Hotboat of the Month for August 2013 SUBMIT HERE

    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    I would like to temporarily ban ppl registering multiple accounts for the purpose of voting.

    You know who you are so don't do it.
    If they're cheating, permanently ban them and log their IP.

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    I want to formally apologize to anyone who reads this thread especially Futs and the Moderator I meant no disrespect Just being competitive.. I am sorry I dont own the 74 hondo I am his Nephew and take full responsibility for making the above post. Its a small community where everybody knows everybody and we are all brothers in that reguard! I am sure every boater would lend a helping hand when in need and that's the way it should be. Futs If I ever meet you I will shake your hand and apologize to your face. As I am just an enthusiast at this point as I dont have the funds to build a k-boat Or would have one! I further More ask that nobody is displeased with the owner of the 74 hondo as I made these posts on my own accord. Futs yes I would personally watch your boat make a pass prior to even seeing it on here and would have enjoyed it. I just like watching any fast boat period!

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    Quote Originally Posted by inkedalot View Post
    you should be ashamed of yourself ! Mr. I got 30 plus votes in hour and none of the other boats votes moved. I am an un-biased member and in option the two different hondo's and the rivera are the cleanest builds and i would imaged they all would be photographed at a show and shine while enthusiast just walked by your boat thinking just another lake boat! Don't get me wrong your boat is nice but not on the same level as other boats on the poll. You should have took the administrators advice.
    hmmm !



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