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    "Wicked Game" Eddie & Shannon Billet's 26 Eliminator Daytona Makeover!!

    6 Comments by Wendi Published on 06-24-2013 10:31 AM
    Eddie and Shannon Billet bought their 2001 26’ Eliminator Daytona four years ago from boat racer Mike Torgerson less the motor. They pulled the 496 from their 25’ Warlock and installed it in the Daytona so they could use it. They both fell in love with the ride in the Cat vs. the Vhull. Eddie said, “The ride over rough waters was night and day compared to their Vhull Warlock, the Cat just skipped right over it.” So they decided it was time for a makeover and the rest is history.Name:  Eddie 1.jpg
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    Eddie has been into boating since he was 16 years old. He says, “Growing up in Bakersfield, CA, his parents never liked drag boat racing, “but I did and was determined to get to the boat drag races whatever it took.” So he would sneak out of the house and go down to the drag boat races and offer to help the boat racers. Starting out wiping down their boats, to cleaning oil pans, eventually Eddie was building Hemi’s. He’s been around speed and has always had the desire to go fast.

    Eddie has worked with several notable boat racers, boat owners, engine builders and on several championship boats. Being good friends with Mike Boyce, he was called upon to go down to San Diego and help out with the engine on the Shazam boat. Shazam won the race with Tony Scarlata behind the wheel.

    Eddie used to run the Showtime Top Alcohol Hydro owned by Tommy Thompson Tuned by Mike Boyce. Eddie & Mike worked the engines with Hannes Wernherdt driving the boat. He was also a crew chief for Lonnie Mills, the Excessive Force boat and owned a Blown Gas Flat Bottom, named Trouble Maker, driven by Chuck Hartsfield.

    After learning about Eddie’s boating past, it was time to get down to business. Let’s talk about what you have done to the Daytona since you and Shannon decided it was time for the makeover.

    Eddie enlisted Scott Foxwell, of Foxwell Motorsports, to build his new motor. Scott is well known for his meticulous and outstanding engine building techniques. Eddie’s engine is a work of art.
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    Build details:
    588ci BB Chevy, 1471, running pump gas, 8.45:1cr
    4.56 bore x 4.50 stroke
    Dart Big M block 10.2” tall deck with billet caps
    Bryant billet crank with a bunch of Mallory
    JE reverse dome pistons
    JE 425 .200” straight wall wrist pins
    Total Seal AP series rings; steel top, Napier 2nd, high tension oil.
    Oliver billet 6.535” rods
    ARP hardware throughout
    Heads are Canfield 310’s, hand ported & flowed, 2.30 Rev intake, 1.88 Ferrea Super Alloy ex, Pac Endurance series springs and complete T&D shaft rocker valve train.

    Blower Shop Billet Case 14/71 with the Blower Shop intercooler
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    We asked Eddie why he chose the ROOTZ EFI fuel system, he said, “I liked the looks of the Roots blower, and was sold on the fuel injection system with NO blower surge.” He felt that fuel economy was a much better fuel injection system to have. “The benefits of the ROOTZ EFI system are endless”, he said. Less maintenance, 40% more fuel efficient, easier startups, superior throttle response and power, reduced emissions were all reasons why he went with the ROOTZ EFI kit. He credits Robert McKeehan for all his hard work and helping with the testing and tuning of the boat.
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    Dustin Richter of Menace Marine did the entire re-rig of his 26 Daytona. He installed all new Livorsi gauges and shifter, the drive, engine, re-did all the wiring and plumbing, as well as fixed the gel that needed to be repaired. To quote Eddie, “Dustin Richter..Menace Marine ..what can I say but thanks for all your hard work and vision on coming up with new's turning out great.”
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    Bob and Jose over at Eliminator Custom Boats redid the interior and made the new fiberglass hatch. It was then taken back to Dustin at Menace Marine to install.

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    Tom at Pro Marine in Lake Havasu, AZ, along with Brian from Horsepower Connection ran the dyno on the engine. The dyno specs were amazing with 91 pump gas, 7# boost, the engine made over 1000 lbs./ft from 3000 to 6000, and it made 1108 hp at 6000, still climbing.
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    Asked if he had any future upgrades to the boat, he said, “They plan to change to SCX within the next month or so.” I think the SCX can handle the horsepower and torque of the motor.”

    Eddie and Shannon’s maiden voyage in Lake Havasu at Desert Storm was a success. The boat ran an easy 112 mph at about 4000 rpm. He said, “The acceleration was incredible”. The final day of Desert Storm the boat ran 120 mph. Hotboat was able to see the boat up close and personal at Desert Storm and I have to say all the people that worked to get the boat completed to what it is today, you are all top-notch in your industries. The boat looked magnificent and ran like a champ.
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    Great article!

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    Re: "Wicked Game" Eddie & Shannon Billet's 26 Eliminator Daytona Makeover!!


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    Great article and great build. I saw the boat up close at Desert Storm and it looks better in person!

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    Thanks guys...this has been a great deal...we were at Eliminator today to discuss get some"finish up" ideas after boating season...Between Menace marine and Eliminator guys will love it!!

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    "Wicked Game" Eddie & Shannon Billet's 26 Eliminator Daytona Makeover!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
    Thanks guys...this has been a great deal...we were at Eliminator today to discuss get some"finish up" ideas after boating season...Between Menace marine and Eliminator guys will love it!!
    You went to eliminator and didn't stop by to say hi on your way home. How rude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menace Marine View Post
    You went to eliminator and didn't stop by to say hi on your way home. How rude.



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