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    Mint 400

    anyone go out there, i know the 6100 class and truck 6136 kicked ass, with only 1 hour and 15 mins of test time on the truck and 30 mins on the dyno, the placed 5th over all with the truck. if i am off on the place it may have been 6th. any ways the fusion off road truck is AWESOME.

    any other stories lets see them...
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    Ive been slammed with work and school to see this, but was out there with a 7100 truck. In a sea of Ford Rangers we were the only other vehicle running a Toyota pickup. We had fuel delivery problems on the first lap that was remedied with a new regulator and a filter cleaning. The second lap I hopped in at Main and we had a relatively trouble free run until we hit the course just behind the Primm lakebed. With no warning, the passenger side torsion bar broke so I spent the next hour with a faulty jack replacing it. Luckily we got it done just before the TTs and 1 cars made their way through and put it on the trailer just after.

    I was hoping that a couple of our bicycle maneuvers and epic silt smashing would make the broadcast like we did the year before, but we were shutout from the broadcast this year.

    For those who dont know, the Mint 400 TV show was absolutely amazing and although it was broadcast this past Saturday night it will be on the Speed Channel this Thursday night at 8 E, 5 P. DVR it if you cant view it, it is totally worth it.
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