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    New boat build by Interceptor Custom Boats

    Hello everyone, We are Interceptor Custom Boats, we are located in Corona Ca. We are building some new and exciting boats and just wanted to share what we are doing, hope you enjoy the build of our 23 GX, This particular customer loves green so we were more than accommodating, it has made me a fan for sure. Hope you enjoy

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    Welcome to the site! Personally, I'm a big fan of the green

    What power?

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    Thanks for the welcome, we are doing a 6.2 Mercruiser 320 hp bravo 1

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    New boat build by Interceptor Custom Boats

    Quote Originally Posted by icb1 View Post
    Thanks for the welcome, we are doing a 6.2 Mercruiser 320 hp bravo 1
    Good meeting you last weekend. Hope you liked the shots of the green boat. We'll talk soon.



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    Here are some more photos as we move forward with our build. Here you can see that it will be a walk through open bow. We are starting the rigging process and the fiberglass side panel fitment, as you can see we carried the color theme into the cockpit of the boat as well. This customer opted for the Livorsi platinum monster series with standard smart craft, Also note the Eddie marine off shore controls in lieu of a single handle control. Please give us your comments we would love to hear from you.

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    I love the green and blue, looks awesome and going to look great on the water.

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    Looks nice

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    As we move forward with our 23 GX build this customer wanted to paint the rub rail to match their boat. Really good call it looks fantasticName:  IMG_2345.jpg
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    Sweet !

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    Here is the 23GX complete minus engine package, we will be installing the Mercruiser 6.2 with a Bravo one next week. We are very happy how this boat turned out now its time to get it on the water. Our goal was to create a big boat feel in a smaller more economical package, I think the owners of this boat wont mind showing off a bit and not break the bank doing it.

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