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  1. A New Meaning to Rock Bottom

    4 Comments by GotHalos Published on 04-15-2013 10:48 AM
    “A New Meaning to Rock Bottom”

    The 1974 18' Rapidcraft dubbed “Rock Bottom” is co-owned by both rock_bottom and k_wolpert. The pair have absolutely fallen in love with the boat and more importantly, boating in general.

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    Rock Bottom’s life hasn’t always been so easy, on its maiden voyage the original Ford 460 motor blew at the CP regatta at Twin Palms. After tear down of the motor the mishap was pinned on having the wrong dipstick. The engine had little to no oil in it, and just like that “Rock Bottom” was down for the count.

    Upon returning home, the tear down began, the 460 went off to House of Engines in Pomona, CA where it was bored .60 over stock.

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    “Rock Bottom” was halfway home to being back on the water at this time. Other upgrades included a new Holley 750 double pumper carburetor and new 3 ½” exhaust tips. The boat received all new water lines and a brand new 4 speaker stereo system while it was down.

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    The boat doesn’t show like a 1974, it has classic lines and the lime green paint pops like it did the day it came off the showroom floor. The interior features new wooden seat bases and a sparkly white interior. You can find rock_bottom and k_wolpert on Lake Elsinore, Havasu or the Parker Strip in the summer time. Future plans for the boat include "diverter, bimini top, fresh paint on the trailer, fresh paint on the pump drive, and all new rims and tires! " according Rock Bottom's owner. At this point they simply want to enjoy the boat for what it is, a never-ending source of fun.

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    Rock Bottom is also the winner of Hotboat of the Month for March!! Congrats, nice article.

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    This turned out soo good! On point! Thanks a lot guys appreciate it!!

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    Nice article!

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    Nice boat
    Nice article



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