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Thread: Pardon our dust

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    Pardon our dust

    We are in the process of moving to a new home. The site may be intermittent for a bit but once we're back we should not have the problems we previously had. We appreciate your patience and should be at 100%very soon.

    thank you,

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    Pardon our dust

    Looks like tapatalk is up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotboat View Post
    Looks like tapatalk is up
    Doesn't seem to be working this morning. Did it go down again?

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    Re: Pardon our dust

    I'm on tapatalk now.

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    That is strange. Still doesn't work here on HB for me but does on RDP. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Pardon our dust

    I'm on it now
    Wasn't working earlier but seems ok now

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    Pardon our dust

    I'm on via tapatalk now not able to yesterday

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    I keep getting the "Sorry, the board is unavailable right now while we are....". I got the same message yesterday and just assumed it was because the board was down but now the same thing. I even try reloading the HB link in tapatalk but still the same thing. Maybe I am the only one experiencing it...I don't know?

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    Its on and off for me too. I'm sure its related to the move and how the url's propagate over the web.

    Might take a couple days to settle down.

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    Re: Pardon our dust

    I deleted HB off tapatalk and then reloaded it and now it works.



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