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    Eddie's 26 Daytona

    Started a new project here at Menace Marine. We are doing a total re rig of a 2001 26 eliminator daytona. The boat started out with a 496 mag and bravo 1 combination. It will receive a new 1100 hp motor and max machine drive. The engine compartment will be completely redone as well as the dash and interior.
    The motor has been a work in progress for quite some time and there is a thread about it on Its a 588 BBC with a 14:71 blower shop blower. We received the motor as a long block and proceeded to install the blower and Rootz EFI kit. The motor has since been dynoed and is ready for the boat.
    I don't have the best pictures so far but I will get better ones and post them here as we go along.
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    This is how the boat arrived. The owner had partially disassembled it and the rest is up to us.

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    The boat is all torn down and ready for glass work. That is the motor that will be going in the boat. The picture was taken during the wiring process for the fuel injection.

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    Menace you're doing something right to keep getting these builds. Can't wait to see the progress pics:encouragement: as the build goes on

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    Quote Originally Posted by WMC View Post
    Menace you're doing something right to keep getting these builds. Can't wait to see the progress pics:encouragement: as the build goes on
    I just build them the way I would want them. I have great customers and I just want to do right by them.

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    This looks like an awesome project!

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    I've always loved the 26 Daytona. I can't wait the boat when its done.!!

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    Here are a few updated pictures. The canopies are off and the boat is in the booth. Should have all the fiberglass and gel work done by the weekend and I will get some more pictures.
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    Dustin, work is looking great..can't wait to see it this weekend....eddie

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    Love the project except for the MMW I had the all billet one with less HP, drive is fast, but I got tired of being in the "Every 40hr, 5,000.00 Drive club", 10,000 a summer for blown bravo "MMW" drives got to be a pain, went with the IMCO SCX problem solved, was not impressed, went through clutch shafts every 35 to 40hrs and it didn't matter if I ran the snot out of it are babied her go to get on plane...and "BOOM"



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