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    Daytona boat build

    so back on 5-29-2010 i bought this little project, when i bought the boat i did not know what make or exact boat i had till i sanded it all down. this project would not be possible without Don and Joey Cucci with
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    28105_126034020750941_100000330317468_219083_3430168_n.jpg   28105_126001074087569_100000330317468_218927_4332538_n.jpg   28105_126033994084277_100000330317468_219079_3974671_n-1.jpg   28105_126034000750943_100000330317468_219080_5084213_n.jpg  

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    Bitchin, another build.

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    after the boat sat for a bit so i could save up more money i striped it down so joey could start on the repair
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    Hey Greg looks like fun! Stop by and ski ?

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    after cutting out all the bad wood the replacement could start
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    IMAG0304.jpg   IMAG0305.jpg   Picture 5.jpg  

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    Looks real good. I think I've seen that boat somewhere before??

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    more of the new floor
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
    Hey Greg looks like fun! Stop by and ski ?
    Thanks Joe......... sounds great!! ill be down wednesday night, ill hit u up when i get to town

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    after all that was done we flipped it over to do the bottom, after getting in into shape it got white paint on the front and speedcoat on the back half
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    imagejpeg_2_38.jpg   imagejpeg_2_40.jpg  

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    Do you know what the height and thickness dimensions of the stringers are?



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