The Cove

  1. Eli
    I thought I would try this option on the forum and see how it works. If you'd like to become a part of the group just ask and we will make it happen. It is not my intention to exclude people. However, the goal here is, please if you're having a bad day, leave it at the keyboard. Let's have a good time. Also same rules that apply to the forum apply here…no nudity, pornography, politics, threats etc…but I will add that if you become a repeat complainer of the content, I'm likely to ask you to start a thread. If your thread doesn't do well we will vote you off the cove.

  2. ChumpChange
    No nudity? I'm out! I already took a selfie!
    So, what's this shit all about? If Tish shows up here, feel to exclude me from this. That moron won't stop texting me.
  4. screaming pete
    screaming pete
    is BBQ porn considered Pornography??
  5. Eli
    Food Porn is encouraged.

    FYI: this is not a closed group so everyone can see the posts.
  6. HotWater
    I'm curious what the point of this group is?
  7. Napanutt
    Is this like the group texting thing with out having your phone all blown up?
  8. Eli
    This group has no point..just a place for anyone who wants to shoot the shit and have fun.

  9. Eli
    Mateo are you going to post a picture of LL Cool J and claim it is you?
  10. HotWater
    That's what goes on in the sandbar.
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