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09-24-2013, 12:54 PM
As summer comes to a close, Hotboat.com was fortunate enough to attend Billy B’s 3rd Annual River Rockets Flat Bottom Regatta at Pirate’s Cove Marina. If you have not attended I will tell you it is a must see event. A renowned artist in the boating industry Billy Berkenheger (aka Billy B) never disappoints. Several of the boat owners that I met and talked to said this is Billy B’s work, and they said it with pride and enthusiasm. The hardware on these boats was incredible. Every boat owner was proud to be at the event and show off their machines.

Pirates Cove rolled out the red carpet for Billy B’s Regatta. They came from as far away as Texas, Oklahoma and even Idaho to attend this event. The place was packed and the Pirate service was great! Pirates Cove let a select few photographers go to the top of the Zip Line to take some aerial photos! Thank you Pirates Cove. The shots were incredible. 19879198851988419883198821988119880

As you entered the marina you could see all the boats lined up in the water, bow forward. It was an awesome turnout, bigger and better than prior years. If I had to guess, I would say there were at least 100 boats in attendance. All of them proud owners showing of their showpiece boats.
Each owner had a story, they put their blood, sweat and tears into these projects. I felt a camaraderie amongst the owners with the same passion for fast boats and a love for working on them.
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We met a father and son duo who travelled from Idaho; Rod & Slick Wagner. Slick Wagner’s boat was featured in the 1977 edition of Hotboat Magazine. Nice job Slick!
We also met a gentlemen (whose name escapes me at the moment) who came all the way from Oklahoma to show off his flat! And what a beauty it was. He purchased the boat, previously owned by a friend, to restore it to its original luster. And that he did.
At around 11:00 am the Pirate’s DJ announced to all the boat owners “It’s time to fire up all the engines” to honor their fellow V-Drive brothers, who passed, Chris Blevens & Lonnie Dye. I’m telling you it was amazing to be there at that very moment. The engines fired up and everyone stopped and listened and cheered. It was an amazing experience.
Chris Blevens aka Church Mouse on the Forums (R.I.P)

Four of our Hotboat of the Month winners were in attendance proudly showing off their rides and coolers!!

Joe Mitchell (January 1990 Hallett Vector )

Mark Kasaboski (February 1979 Schiada)

Michael Phillips (April 1970 Wreidt)


Matt Oliver (August 1974 Hondo)
I want to personally thank everyone who showed their love and support for Hotboat.com. And especially these very special people: Steve & Sue (aka 2forcefull) for setting up the caravan trip up to the Pirates (Paul65k, FrznJim, 28Eliminator). All of our previous Hotboat of the Month winners showing of their coolers proudly. Michael Phillips for hanging our banner and talking to people about our site. Nick Rose & Liahna you guys are always supportive by attending these events and taking so many great photos, even taking the time to post them to the site. We really appreciate your hard work. And lastly, Jerry Griffen (aka Sharp Shooter) thanks for sending me the aerial shots. It was fun going up on the Zip Line with you. Thank you to all of our members for the support you give to this site. Without you we would not be here today. For that we are grateful!

09-24-2013, 01:15 PM
Great article!!! Was a fun day for sure! Already looking forward to next year's event!

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Wendi are you drinking fireball again?....it's Marc Kasaboski! Not marK kasaboWski. ;)

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Wendi are you drinking fireball again?....it's Marc Kasaboski! Not marK kasaboWski. ;)
Haha I spelt it right and even said it outloud when I was typing it LOL :action-smiley-069:

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Nicely done Wendi :thumb:

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Wendi great event coverage ! Nice recap ....