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04-30-2013, 05:49 PM
Hotboat of the Month Winner April 2013
1970 Wreidt
Owner: Michael Phillips (member: ogshotgun)


Michael Phillips started boating at a very young age when he was in the Boy Scouts. His father purchased a 16’ Olympic class sail boat (which his dad later gave to him at 16), and a 10’ canoe, boating has been a passion ever since.

Michael grew to love boating and has bought and owned several boats. To name a few, he’s owned a 1965 V fire rocket semi flat with a small block, colors were florescent pink and white and he named her “PINK n WETT.” He’s owned every size boat you could imagine up to 50’ sport fisher with twin 420 diesels in it. It was too much for him so he purchased his 1970 Wreidt project.

Michael bought his 1970 Wreidt from an Ebay ad three years ago. The owner said it was turn-key, however Michael tends to disagree. Michael spent 3 years restoring his boat and around $25,000. He worked tirelessly on every piece of his boat making sure it was up to par with his high standards.


He did all the rigging, wiring and paint. He has taken every bolt out and replaced it with stainless and polished each one by hand. He rebuilt the motor and all the wiring is new, as well as the msd ignition. Everything is rebuilt and restored he says. If it was aluminum it is now red powder coated.


He credits the following shops with helping him with the restoration:

Casale rebuilt the vdrive
Al Canvas redid the upholstery
Vernes Chrome plating did all the chrome and powder coating
Sonic plating did the anodizing
Canyon Marine did the air shifter
Glenwood Marine for a lot of hard work to find restoration parts
C&J for the carbs
Vellios Automotive for the machine work
And last but not least Ebay for a lot of the parts!!!!



With a need for speed Michael said the best part of boating for him is being able to relax on the water and take out his stress with the loud pedal!! He has seen a top speed of 120 mph in his completely restored Wreidt. His engine is a 1970 Chrysler, 440 bored and stroked to a 521. It has a Dyers 10-71, making about 12 pounds of boost.


The dyno reported just less than 1000 hp. Full roller valve train with rewarder bell type headers, 25% over on the v-drive with a 11-1/4” x 15” stellings prop.



Michael does most of his boating at Lake Elsinore since they have a top speed of 150 mph and he also enjoys the Parker Strip. If you ever see his boat on the water or at the sandbar stop by and say hello.