View Full Version : Hotboat Site Host Upgrade

HB Vic
03-28-2013, 03:18 PM
Well once again we must move our site to another host/server. However this should be the final time. We tried doing a shared server and it has limitations that we exceeded a couple days ago. This caused the site to lag or even stall a few times. So as a result we're going with a dedicated server, same host, just a different location.

What does that mean?

At some point in time over the next couple of weeks the site will again more than likely be intermittant. However, since we are not changing hosts, we believe the interruption (if any) will be minimal. We will do our best to keep any down time to a minimum.

The good news, the site should be super fast and should not stall or lag again.

The bad news, my wallet just got a few hundred pounds a month lighter :violin: