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03-12-2013, 07:00 AM
Hotboat.com had the pleasure of sitting down with Jim &Kyle Lancon of Wide Open Throttle Marine on Thursday, January 31st,2013. Jim, who had worked as anaerospace engineer for over thirty years, and Kyle, who began working for PfaffEngines in his early years and now works as a mechanic for WOT Marine. With over30 years of combined boating experience, Jim and Kyle established W.O.T. Marinein 2005. Three years ago they openedtheir 2,500 sq. ft. facility in Carlsbad, California. They have continued withmuch success, even during these challenging economic times. Jim continued towork full time in the aerospace industry, while his son Kyle, operated their marineshop. Recently, Jim has decided to make a full time commitment to the shop,allowing W.O.T. Marine to aim for bigger and better goals.

W.O.T. offers a full range of boating services to all boats,specializing in your typical family runabout boats, offshore fishing boats, andperformance boats. Services include annualtune ups, 100-hour boat maintenance, computerized diagnostic enginetroubleshooting, gel coat repair, trailer services, as well as full rigging,and much more. As a customer, you willhave comfort in knowing that when your boat is serviced at W.O.T., nothing isleft unnoticed. Every shop visitincludes a 77- point courtesy inspection of the boat, engine, and trailer. Their philosophy is to inform the customer ofcurrent issues, as well as potential failure modes that the owner may not beaware of. As an added benefit they also offer a concierge, service for a fee,allowing the customer more time for work or play. They truly go above and beyond for theircustomers
During our visit they had a shop full of boats they wereworking on. A ‘66 Schiada was gettingthe bottom blue printed. A repeatcustomer’s 2007 Ultra deck was getting an annual 100-hour service, as well as afamily runabout getting serviced and bunk repair to name a few. As an added benefit the shop has indoorstorage for four to five boats. As acustomer, you will feel at ease knowing that while your boat is in their shop gettingwork done, it will be safe and secure and not sitting out in the elements.
In the front office area they have a fully stocked supplyroom for a typical 100-hour service and a full selection of parts for trailerrepairs. They are a dealer for Lucas Oilproducts and Boat Bling cleaning supplies. The front offices are very clean, organized,and welcoming. Because Jim and Kyle areboating enthusiasts and have a love for ski racing, their lounge is adornedwith trophies and photos sharing their passion with the customer.
At the end of the day, when your boat has been serviced, awash down is included. The boat then goes back to the owner, serviced and clean. Their #1 goal is to have a happy customer who will come back year after year, and also tell their friends andfamily about the wonderful experience they had with W.O.T. Marine.

When asked about working together as father and son, Jim explainedthe challenges and stated that there are times that they don’t see eye to eye. Nevertheless,they have proven that having a shop together has been both successful andrewarding. Jim has allowed Kyle to takethe lead role while he has taken a back seat.

When not at the shop, they spend a lot of time boating andskiing the Parker Strip in Arizona. Theyhave both been ski racing for over twelve years. Kyle has competed in theCatalina Ski Race 5 times. They alsocompete in the ski racing circuit in Parker, AZ, Lake Havasu, AZ, and someevents in California.

Jim said, “Now is the perfect time to bring your boat in forits 100-hour service or any work you have been putting off.” He encourages owners to take advantage ofthis time of year when the boat is not being used as frequently. “Before youknow it, boating season will arrive, and you will be prepared for a troublefree season.” W.O.T. Marine is offeringa free interior and exterior detail to any boat having a routine 100-hour orannual service performed. This offer isavailable until April 30th, 2013.

W.O.T. Marine
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Great write up!

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Very nice they have helped me more than once . Great family.

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Very nice they have helped me more than once . Great family.

Look forward to more of that!!!

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Where is your shop in Carlsbad? I need a good place to bring a 86 Hallett. 17915

09-12-2013, 08:06 AM
6361 Yarrow Dr, suite G
Carlsbad‎ California‎ 92011

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Kyle and Jim do great work!

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Blast from the past

Good to see Jim and Kyle still doing so well. If I am ever lucky enough to have a need for boat service in the San Diego area I will look forward to using them.